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Exceptional Leaders Focus

Exceptional Leaders Focus

Exceptional Leaders are masterful at prioritizing and focusing on what is truly important.

In an extensive interview with Charlie Rose, Warren Buffett was asked the secret to his phenomenal success as a businessman, through which he has become the second richest man in the world. His simple answer was his ability to focus. Buffett is able to pick just the right things to concentrate on. He does extensive research and finds companies in which to invest that meet specific criteria, including having the right people. He then lets them run the companies and stays for the long haul. That’s it. Of course he also happens to be brilliant.

Exceptional leaders find those high payoff activities to engage in and think about. They are decisive and take action.

Thought Provoker

*  Do you know where you need to focus your attention and your actions in order to insure the biggest payoff in the success of your business?

*  How much of your time is wasted on unimportant, low priority, low payoff activities?

*  Have you set up systems and routines so that you can avoid being drained or scattered by extraneous and low payoff activities?

*  Have you set boundaries with others to ensure that they respect your priorities?

Exceptional Leaders are constantly assessing where they can best use their time and attention. They simply and powerfully focus.

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