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Peak Performance Supervision

A Unique Solution for a Unique Level of Management: Understanding Leadership on the Front Lines.

The Need

In any organization supervisors hold unique positions. They are the individuals most closely associated with the operational team of your organization. Frequently people are promoted to supervisory positions because they are excellent workers. However, supervision requires different skills. – The skills of leading and managing people.

The Solution

Peak Performance Consulting has designed a unique program to develop the leadership and management skills of supervisors. It will help them learn and practice the art of supervision so that they become excellent in achieving their day to day deliverables.

The Peak Performance Supervisors program has been designed as a result of the overwhelming request by our clients for a leadership program for managers and supervisors on the Front Lines of their businesses.

Focusing on Three primary areas:

  • The Successful Supervisor
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Getting Results

This program has been designed to accommodate the busy schedules of most front line supervisors/ managers. Each calendar quarter, a new series is offered to participants. Supervisors and managers will be expected to take all four courses in the series for which they are registered. These occur in 4-½ day workshops over a four week period.


Series I – The Successful Supervisor

  • Role & Function of Supervision
  • Managing Yourself
  • Basics of Internal Communication
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Series II – Building Effective Teams

  • Employee Motivation
  • Observing & Giving Feedback
  • Performance Appraisals / Review
  • Performance Issues / De-selection

Series III – Getting Results

  • Setting Goals & Planning for Action
  • Coaching & Training for Performance Excellence
  • Delegating & Accountability
  • Time & Meeting Management

NEXT PUBLIC SEMINAR BEGINS: Date to be determined

Each Series consists of 4 Half-Day Workshops held once per week for four weeks. There is 3 Series that are offered consecutively.

NEXT IN-HOUSE SEMINAR BEGINS:When requested by our clients


  • 4 interactive, half day workshops in each series
  • Focused on skill development and results
  • Comprehensive Materials
  • Personal Coaching

YOUR INVESTMENT: $795/person for each series of four workshops (Includes all Materials) plus GST

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