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Personal and Team Assessments

Select • Engage • Develop

If the job could talk what would it say needs to be done exceptionally well?

Are you hiring the right people for the job?

Tired of having unmotivated people on your team? Are you fed up with continuous recruiting due to high turnover? Are you looking to hire the right people, with the right skills and attitudes for the right job?

We can help! Your answer is “Job Matching” If the Job could talk…

Strategic talent management requires effective selection, development and deployment of the talent needed for your team’s success and your organization’s success.

We will help you to unlock your employees’ full potential by guiding you through a Job Benchmarking and Job Matching process. During the Job Benchmarking and Matching process we:

  • Work with you to determine “key accountabilities” for the job
  • Help you identify skills, behaviours and attitudes required to accomplish the key accountabilities
  • We provide you with tools to assess current or potential people for the job
  • By comparisons of the job benchmark and the applicant’s (or incumbent’s) profile, we create a “Gap Report” that clearly shows the suitability of the person for the job.
  • We work with you throughout the “Job Matching” process to help you build the team you need.

Our experience shows that as a result of the Job Matching process staff turnover is dramatically reduced and productivity is way up!

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