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Advanced Communication Skills

The People Factor

The ability to interact effectively with people is the key to peak performance in both work and personal life. People are unique and must be managed, motivated, communicated with and supported in a way that capitalized on their strengths.

The Potential

Proper guidance and direction often spell the difference between the success and failure of an employee or individual. The Insights Program is designed to assess a staff member’s individual strengths and possible limitations. This assists the individuals and their managers and colleagues to develop Action Plans for increasing productivity and overall effectiveness.

The Results

The Insights training solution is based on the premise that effective interaction and management begins with accurate self-perception. Through personalized information, participants have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of self and others, resulting in increased understanding, effectiveness and productivity.

The Report

A detailed narrative description, along with the Insights wheel, is generated from the individual’s responses to the Insights Analysis Questionnaire. Reports are extremely comprehensive and astonishingly revealing, providing positive input and action ideas for maximum performance and goal achievement.

  • The Applications
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Management Development
  • Sales Training
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Self-Development
  • Change Management

The Benefits

  • Improved communications skills.
  • Increased self-knowledge of personal strengths and areas to improve in.
  • Ideas on how to motivate and coach your staff.
  • Better morale, teamwork, and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced conflict and stress.

The Workshops

This one-day workshop is focused on developing self-awareness and excellence in communication. It increases interpersonal effectiveness in virtually all areas of life.


This workshop is highly enjoyable and participative. It effectively combines lectures, role-playing, team activities, group discussions, and assessments to help people discover their own strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion, each participant receives a comprehensive personal computerized report, along with extensive course notes, exercises and reference materials for follow-up purposes.

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