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Building High Performance Teams

The Situation

One of the best ways to improve morale and productivity is to build successful teams. People that are managed and motivated based on their unique strengths and natural style are more effective.

The Opportunity

To maximize team effectiveness, it is essential that managers have a sound understanding of team dynamics. This program help participants develop an awareness of how they can influence the effectiveness of a team by understanding more about their own role and type, and the preferences of other team members

The Potential

A high performing team is not just a group of people who have learned to cooperate with each other. True teams have a shared sense of commitment, a high level of trust and effective leadership. High performance teams utilize the strengths of each member to achieve measurable bottom-line results.

Team members will discover the strengths of their colleagues along with ways to improve working relationships in order to accomplish team goals.

The Theory

Everyone must be focused toward the same clearly defined goal. Different roles within each team will appeal to different people depending on their behavioural style. A good behavioural match prevents unnecessary stress and problems for the team and the individuals themselves. Understanding and appreciating the different behavioural styles on the team will create unity, ultimately leading to improved results.


  • The Colour Quadrants
  • Preferences
  • Insights Connecting
  • The Insights Reports
  • Team Building with Insights


  • Uncover issues blocking team progress
  • Improve communications
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service quality
  • Increase creative ideas
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve morale and performance
  • Solve team problems
  • Develop self-managed teams
  • Provide action plans for continuing improvement


This one-day workshop on building High Performance Teams, focuses on increased interpersonal and team effectiveness that results from interpersonal understanding and synergy through improved communication skills.


This training program effectively combines lectures, role-playing, team activities, group discussions and assessments to help people discover their own behaviours within a group.

The workshop is highly enjoyable and participative. Upon completion, participants receive a computerized report, on their personal team effectiveness, preferences, along with extensive course notes, exercises and reference materials for follow-up purposes.

NEXT PUBLIC SEMINAR BEGINS: Date to be determined

NEXT IN-HOUSE SEMINAR BEGINS: When requested by our clients


  • 2 half days or 1 full day
  • Behaviour & Motivator Assessments
  • Teamwork and Communication Guide
  • Personal Coaching

YOUR INVESTMENT: Dependent upon group size

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