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Stages of Growth X-Ray


Providing your business leaders with keys skills to develop and execute business growth strategies.

COVID-19 has devastated many businesses in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan. Many businesses are struggling to revamp their operations to recover and create business processes and procedures that are viable and sustainable in the new environment. The Stages of Growth X-Ray™(SOGX) program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics that impact the ability of a business to be effective in its operations and skillful in its growth management strategies.

The 7 Stages of Growth model allows us to use a research-based, time-tested process that is guaranteed to expose the real issues so that accurate solutions are applied quickly. In two days, not two months, we are able to identify and then create action plans around issues your team feels are critical for your company’s continued success. This process, called the Stages of Growth X-Ray™, helps us uncover the specific areas that the company might need to focus on to remove any obstacles.

Outcomes from this unique approach include: 

 Clarity: There are a lot of issues involved in running a successful company. Normally only the CEO or key executives are clear and involved in all of these. By getting key players involved, other people will become more familiar with those issues. The weight of bearing all that knowledge shifts to others who are capable of taking a more proactive role in how the company grows.

Alignment: Once you have clarity of the WHAT – what issues need to be addressed based on the company’s current stage of growth, then the management team can focus on the HOW – how they will work together to address what we agreed needs attention. The other outcome of alignment is instant buy-in. After all, the issues are discovered by the participants – not an outsider who isn’t as familiar with the company as these key players are.

Focus: The purpose of the work to be done becomes clearer. And there is now a group of people who see the reality of what needs to be done immediately. These are the people in the organization who have the capability of redirecting the energy and the resources of the company.

Communication: This is the best process I’ve ever seen that opens lines of communication and gets people comfortable talking about all kinds of things they aren’t used to talking about. Even people fairly new to an organization will feel comfortable opening up and providing their viewpoints. A productive synergy develops.

Priorities: There will be a list of 5 key issues that the group agrees need to be dealt with. There will be a lot of discussion around why one issue is more important than another. Relationships between one issue and another issue will be observed. Knowledge about the company and what it takes for it to be successful will be shared and action plans developed and carried out.

Accountability: This is the hardest one to address and requires the key executives to stay focused on issues that aren’t getting done or problems that are showing up. These senior business leaders will have each person’s buy-in and commitment provide updates to progress during critical meetings. Sharing those results and asking people to support each other in the work brings a team even closer together.

The SOGX is a journey of recovery and growth. It is an in-depth excursion through your organization, seeing your operation in ways you’ve never seen it before. It is a recognition of the many things that your company has done right to evolve to the complexity of services offered today. It is also a process that identifies roadblocks and challenges in the current operations, as well as highlighting strengths that can be leveraged to facilitate successful growth.

The SOGX will help the senior leaders in the business to become creative, yet realistic in their endeavours to rebuild the organization. The SOGX process will uncover unconscious attitudes and practices that may be throwing obstacles into the path of enhanced operations and growth.

This is a leadership team exercise and learning program that guides participants to fully understand the various personal and organizational dynamics needed for consistent and effective operations and service excellence.

Goals of the Stages of Growth: 

Organizational:  To provide a laser-like focus on key issues the organization is facing based on their past, current and future stage of growth.

Personal: To provide insight and analysis on each leader’s style and leadership competencies as those styles and competencies relate to current and future stage of growth. The program will help each manager to effectively hire, grow and retain their team.

Outcomes with measurable indicators for success:

Recognizing that focusing on the right things at the right time, – The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ uncovers critical areas of focus for the leadership team. As a result of in-depth discussions, key initiatives will be determined, action plans developed and criteria determined so that progress can be measured and improvements made. Success practices and indicators include:

  • How successful organizations thrive. This requires knowledge of what those right things are. Identifying the top 5 challenges and the top 5 strengths based on the organization’s stage of growth will take a lot of the guesswork out of where to spend precious resources.
  • Uncovering the power of each leader’s leadership style and competencies is the most effective growth strategy an organization can embrace. Managers who first look to themselves to learn and grow will provide exceptional role models for up-and-coming leaders, ensuring an organization’s longevity. By understanding which Leadership Styles and Competencies are most effective for each stage of growth, leadership will never lose their ability to engage employees in helping sustain effectiveness and to manage its growth.
  • Provide a benchmark of progress that can be reviewed in 6 – 9 – 12 months in order to evaluate successes achieved and reassess areas of improvement. 

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