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Peter Neufeldt

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Creating Wow – Strategic Customer Service Setting Goals & Achieving Them

Develop Customer Service skills to ensure your business continues to grow.


  • Maintain an Attitude of Service Excellence
  • Identify and Understand Customer Needs
  • Use Customer-Friendly Body Language and Words
  • Practice Service Excellence at Every Customer Contact Point
  • Handle Difficult Customers with Care
  • Exceed Customer Expectations to Keep Clients Coming Back

Experience this unique Customer Service & Satisfaction workshop that gives you insights, strategies, methods and techniques distilled from years of experience of highly successful service leaders who have built thriving organizations and world-class teams.

The goal of Peak Performance is to create breakthroughs – to help you move systematically and decisively towards extraordinary results.

NEXT PUBLIC SEMINAR BEGINS: Date to be determined

NEXT IN-HOUSE SEMINAR BEGINS: When requested by our clients


  • 2 half days or 1 full day
  • Computer Program Generated Personal Assessments
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Personal Coaching

YOUR INVESTMENT: Dependent upon group size

I'm Interested in the "Strategic Customer Service Goals" Workshop!

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Questions About Our Workshops?

I'm Interested in the "Strategic Customer Service Goals" Workshop!

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Questions About Our Workshops?

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